We are manufacturing Rice Thresher, Wheat Thresher & Gram (Chana) Thresher


It is used to cut and mix the green menuare and other herbs and sherbs in the land.


Super fine Laser Land leveller is used to level surface of land.


It is used for sowing of wheat, maize, cowpea, sunflower crops at uniform depth.

Welcome to Superfine

SUPER FINE Agricultural Industries has set its goals straight:

  • We offer our customers Quality & Productivity
  • We offer our customers innovation and savings
  • We offer all of the above with honesty and integrity

Established in 1978 Super Fine Agriculture Industries (Amjad Brothers) had one and only one aim in sight; High tech engineering to provide best services in the market. The goal took the company from small scale manufacturers to market leaders. In early 90s Super Fine revolutionized the concept of Maize Farming in the local market by launching its state of the art Maize Sheller.

The success story continued with Seed Drills and Tube Well Pumps utilizing proven technologies to conserve earth’s priceless resources.

In 2002 Super Fine collaborated with Farm Machinery Institute of Pakistan (FMI) to manufacture a standardized Rice Thresher competing global market. The result was Super Fine Rice Thresher that excels in design as well as performance. Our landmark success continued with innovative results in straw Chopper & spade cultivator over the following years.

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At SUPER FINE Agricultural Industries we believe in excellence through services. Our standardized services and technologically innovative products have defined our goals as:

  • Market leadership
  • Achieving objectives to win clients for life
  • International acclaim


  • We offer our customers quality & productivity
  • We offer our customers innovation and savings
  • We offer all of the above with honesty and integrity


As market grows competitive every day, minds at Super Fine Agricultural Industries are busy devising new ways to provide its clients with best of quality and after sales services.