Super Fine Disc Harrow

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Super Fine Disc Harrow is an implement that is used to cultivate the soil where crops are to be planted. It is used for turning land and cutting of Serbs and mixing in land to soften it for cultivation of potatoes and other vegetables.

  1. Detailed Product Description

The series heavy duty off-set disc harrow is mainly used for cleaning away stubble of plants before tillage, or uncultivated land in sticky heavy clay soil fields. They could also be used as a plough for primary tillage in dry cultivated fields. The surface of the fields after harrowing is level and the crushing and clearing ability of the harrow is satisfactory. It is available in 14, 16, 18 and 20 discs.


Mounted disc harrow suitable for an 80 HP tractor
Mounted offset disc harrow
Working Width (M): 2.40-2.60
Fitted with 20/22 discs, serrated discs on the front gang, plain discs on the rear
Disc diameter: 610 mm
Disc thickness: 5 mm
Disc Spacing: Approx 230 mm
Each gang supported by at least 2 bearing assemblies
Individual adjustable scraper with each disc
Tubular chassis made of two main beams 125X125 mm, 6 mm thickness
Gang fitted with on the main beams with bolts and roller assemblies
Angle between gangs mechanically adjustable
Min. Weight: 1100 Kg

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