Bed Planter

Bed planter 

A superfine bed planter is a seeding tool. Several machines meter seeds in rows for sowing. Those who manage bigger seeds prefer to be called planters.


  • It provides wheat seeding, maize, and cotton.
  • Shape freshly raised bed.
  • Four rows for maize and eight rows of wheat.
  • It offers greater productivity in water storage and fertilizer use.


It is highly used in agriculture for crop production. Machines for planting change pre-existing seed and soil conditions and determines the location of seed within the seedbed. When a crop is to be planted on raised beds or ridges the ability to remove the dry surface layers effectively It is improved by putting the excess soil in the inter-bed or inter-ridge area.


  • The Bed planter has 1520 mm length.
  • Approx weight of 470 kg.
  • Row spacing on each bed almost 10 cm.
  • Its Wings have 330 *330 mm of 4mm M.S sheet, adjustable


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