Laser Land Leveler

Laser leveling of agricultural land is a recent resource-conservation technology. It has the potential to change the way crop is produced by enhancing resource-use efficiency of critical inputs without any disturbing and harmful effects on the productive resilience of the ecosystem.
The complete laser land leveler equipment includes laser emitter, laser receiver, two way hydraulic valve, laser eye, grade rod, tripod stand, control box on tractor and scraper unit.
Benefits of laser land leveling:
• Reduction in time and water for irrigation
• Uniform distribution of water
• Less water consumption in land preparation
• Precise level and smoother soil surface
• Uniform moisture environment for crops
• Lesser weeds in the field
• Good germination and growth of crop
• Uniformity in crop maturity
• Reduced seed rate, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel requirements
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Laser Land Leveler

Land leveling is important in terms of saving land, saving water, and saving labor. It improves drainage and helps avoid crops damage. It also helps in efficient use of other farm resources. Precision land leveling may increase the water application efficiency and consequently the yield of crops. At first, a tractor drawn soil scraper is used to remove small undulations and irregularities in the field. The process of surface smoothing can best be performed with the help of laser land leveller. This equipment has a high initial cost but it reduces the operation cost and ensures the field level to desired gradient to improve yield and conserve irrigation water. For the precision land leveling using laser assisted land leveler equipped with drag scrapper is a process of smoothing land surface within ±2 cm of its average micro-elevation.

Laser Land Leveler include

  • Laser Transmitter
  • Laser Receiver
  • Level Control Box
  • Scrapper / Bucket

Laser Land Leveling has the following characteristics:

Save water, laser land leveling can make the ground flatness error reaches ±2cm, which than ordinary irrigation and can save 20% or more.

Save the land with the precision of laser technology plains, which can reduce water ridge area of 3% -5%, so that the land can be fully utilized.

Since the formation of land well, very uniform distribution of fertilizer, fertilizer loss less, so fertilizer use efficiency can be increased by 20%.

Reduce costs, the implementation of this technology can reduce the cost of crop production by


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