Seed Drill

Seed drill

  • A seed drill is a system that seeds crops by putting them in the soil and burying them to a certain depth
  • The seed drill sows the seeds at the required seeding rate and depth to ensure the seeds are shielded by the soil. This saves them from being eaten by birds and livestock or dried up because of sun exposure.


  • A field planted with a seed drill is much more orderly, commonly in rows, which helps the hoe to weave throughout the growing season.
  • By using seed trill the farmer can plant many rows of seeds at the same time.
  • You can drive a seed drill through the field using bullocks or a tractor. Seeds sown using a seed drill are uniformly dispersed and put in the soil at the appropriate depth.


Drilling is the term used for the mechanized sowing of an agricultural crop. A seed drill is a seeding system that precisely sows the seed at the correct depth and distance in the soil.


  • The seed drill machine without seed and fertilizer approximately 345 kg.
  • It contains 100 kg Seed capacity.
  • The seed drill has a safety arrangement.
  • It contains 100 kg fertilizer capacity
  • It contains working width is 207 mm


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