Sunflower Thresher

This Superfine Sunflower thresher is used to detach Sunflower from the harvested Sunflower crops and separates clean threshed Sunflower seeds from the stalks and husks.
• Separates the grains from the Sunflower heads.
• Does not break, crack or scratch the grains like harvester during sorting and loading.
• Removes the seeds from the stalks and husks
• Cleans crop
• Saves time
• Increase speed
• Increase output


Sunflower Threshing Machine

Sunflower Threshing Machine (tractor model) is completely successful axial flow type thresher in which the sunflower crop flowers in the threshing drum and are threshed completely. After the threshing of the threshed flower is transferred in to the thrower, which throw the threshed flowers far away from thresher. The thresher sieve length is made sufficient long and is also provided with fan in the sieve to blow out the dust, empty grains & small size particles. The thresher is built up on frame work & is fitted on the chassis by nuts & bolts, and is also provided with universal joint & p. T. O. Shaft system & is fitted with tyre, axle arrangement by which it can be easily transferred from one field to another. Motor operated sunflower thresher is also available.

Technical Features:

Thresher drum is of 24″ x 58. 5″ size and is made out of 12/14 gauge m. S. Sheet.
Thresher thrower is of 28″ x 12″ size and is made out of 12/14 gauge m. S. Sheet.
Total length of threshing drum and thrower is 70. 5″.
Thresher cylinder 6 flats of 2″ x 48″ are made adjustable to increase the threshing cylinder diameter from 18″-19. 5″ which helps the thresher to thresh the small and big size flowers of sunflower crop.



Power Source 27-70 Hp Tractor
Threshing Capacity 750-1000 kg/hr (Average)
No Of Blowers 1
Hitching One Hock
No of Sieves 3 Min
Over All Length 51 inch
Over All Height 63 inch
Over All Width 59 inch
Material Specification:


Main Frame M.S. Angle Bar & Channel Bar
Shelling Drum Iron Sheet & M.s.Round Bar
Shaft M.S. Steel
Other materials M.S. Round & Stripe Bar, Type
Belts V-Belts


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